Our electronic resources remain available 24/7 !

Our electronic resources remain available 24/7

On our website, you can find around 55 000 online journals, 65 000 eBooks, a great number of platforms which grant you access to academic articles or financial data and statistics, two news aggregators, a 3D anatomy atlas, etc.

These academic resources are accessible via:

Additionally, different tutorials on how to use them and for learning how to do a literature search are available in the “Online training” and the “Electronic resources” sections.

In order to access these academic resources, a username (your email address) and a password are required. You need to be registered in one of the schools of Université Catholique de Lille and to have validated your registration on our website. This validation allows you to choose your password.


Prérequis : L'inscription sur notre portail Library OnLine

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You can reach our team Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. (contact-bibliotheque@univ-catholille.fr or 03 59 56 69 79


How to access the academic resources?

According to your usage and your needs, we propose you three ways of accessing these: Overview, the search engine, the “Electronic resources” section and the “Journals” section.


1/ Accessing the electronic resources via Overview

Using Overview, which is accessible on every page of the website, you can consult most of the available electronic resources.

Overview is primarily adapted if you are looking for journal articles, conference reports, eBooks, etc.

Tip: The “Limit To” filter allows you to target the desired format, in this case a “digital format”:




Different links grant you direct access to the full text.

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Apart from a few exceptions, in addition to the possibility of reading the item online, each link offers the possibility to readers:

  • To download the item
  • To print a unique copy
  • To make a back-up copy


2/ Accessing the electronic resources via the “Electronic resources” section

This section is mainly recommended if you wish to consult resources which are not searchable via Overview, such as:

  • legal resources
  • financial data
  • statistics
  • sectoral analysis

This access method is also more suited if you are already familiar with the interface of a specific resource: Cairn, Dalloz, Science Direct, Web of Science, etc.

Tip: In order to target a desired field (Life and Health sciences, Humanities, etc.), you can use the “Resources by subject” filter.

In order to help you get started with a resource, several tutorials are available.



Videos provided by the publisher


HTML page, PDF document (…) from the publisher


3/ Accessing the electronic resources via the Journals” section

In this section you can find all the electronic journals which are available to you.

For each title, a link will redirect you to the online journal: