Request a PEA (Inter-Branch Loan)

Requesting an inter-branch loan

The inter-branch loan service (PEA) is free of charge and allows readers to borrow items located in one of the branches of the library which cannot be reserved directly from our catalog using the “réserver” button.

The transport cost between the different branches is covered by the library. When you request an item on an inter-branch loan, you commit to coming to check it out or to let the team know if you cannot come within a 7-day period. (


How do I request an inter-branch loan?

1- Verify the availability of the item in the catalogue.

2- Fill in the form below.

3- You will be informed by email as soon as the item is ready for check out (the availability may vary depending on the library of origin). You can check out the items at the reception desk of the library of your choice.

Tip: If you choose to check out the item in a different library than the library of origin, it will take longer for it to be available for check out depending on the mail delivery times.

If you choose to check out the item in the library of origin, you can come check it out as soon as the day following your request.

In any case, you will be informed by email as soon as the item is available.


How do I renew an inter-branch loan?

You can renew your inter-branch loans on your reader account on the library’s website.

Renewing is possible only starting with 5 days before the due date. You can renew up to 3 times per item only if the item has not been reserved by another reader. The return date is calculated starting with the renewal date. Should you encounter any difficulty with renewing your loans, email us at:


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