Request a PEA (Inter-Branch Loan)

The free Inter-Branch Loan (PEA) allows you to consult or borrow documents from e one of the Université Catholique de Lille libraries.

Because the service is free, we ask you to use it reasonably.


How to obtain an Inter-Branch Loan?

1-  Check for the presence of the document in the catalogue.

2-  Complete the form below and specify that the document is located in one of the libraries of the Université Catholique de Lille (PEA).

3-   You will be notified by email of the arrival of the document (availability may vary depending on its location). Withdrawal of the document is done at the reception desk of your library.


How to extend an Inter-Branch Loan?

For any request for extension, contact the service prior to the returned date planned by the lending institution.



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